Snow Day(s)

Actually, it’s melting now.

But here is a quick chronicle of the past week:

img_1390Dec. 13th.  The snow had just started, and we all expected it to last a day or two.

img_1411Dec. 16th.  The snow was sticking; it was in the 20s all day; we were making shallow snow angels.

img_0237Early in the morning of the 16th – I’m off to SoCal.  That’s another whole story in itself.  The bus stop seems to be on the surface of the moon.

img_0266The 20th. It’s been a full week of snow by now.  But more is to come …

img_0271img_02771Downtown, Dec. 22.  Almost deserted – I’d guess that 15% of the mall stores were closed. But not, mercifully, the Sanrio store!

Today the snow is piled up more than a foot deep and the temperatures have risen – snow is turning to slush, icicles are melting. I’ll miss the snow.  It hardly impacted our lifestyle, considering we walk to everything and I’m off work.  I just wish I’d made a decent snowman.

I hope your Solstice was transcendent and your Christmas eve will be magical.  I’ll post pics of tomorrow’s morning mayhem ASAP.


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