Sure as There’s an X in Xmas

Have a lovely, lovely day.

We’ve had snow, fat, fat flakes; some drizzle; a clear, milky blue sky with a gorgeous apricot sunset.  The silhouettes of the trees so inky black against the glowing  sky, the crisp white of snowbanks.  Man, I could get used to snow, I could.

Here’s Echo’s letter to Santa, transcribed last night …

Dear Santa,

I gave out some cookies and milk and I got
out some carrot.  I hope you have fun
sledding.  And put in a big Christmas tree.
Goodbye and thank you again for putting
out the wonderful presents for me
and my family.

Love to Echo and Santa

Love to you, too, and my hopes for a peaceful rest of the year. Pics of the
haul manana.


3 thoughts on “Sure as There’s an X in Xmas

  1. Will do ASAP Mama Jess … over to check out your holiday blog accion now … Still have softies with YOUR NAMES on them waiting to be delivered!

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