Health Care … Reform?

Here’s the letter I an sending to my senators today.


No, No, No.

I am somewhere in between disgust and rage about all this.

I voted Obama for CHANGE – not corporate profits.

I voted Obama for a SINGLE-PAYER SYSTEM – not corporate profits.

I voted Obama – Not Lieberman! Not Stupak! Not Olympia Snowe!

I am begging you: scrap this so-called reform bill.

I want single-payer or as close as we can get, and I want it done by reconciliation, and I want it done NOW – before the ’10 elections.

Don’t you guys get it? You HAD the public behind you. Now, once again, we – ordinary people, struggling to pay our bills – see Democrats snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. We see a party of cowards, rolling over for powerless scumbag Republicans and bending over for the lobbyists. We get it, and we hate it. And as much as we hate the “teabaggers,” we are losing our faith in the Democrats – fast. Hatred of the Fox News puppets won’t be enough to energize us to fight for your party. We’re being sold out, and we know it.

At this rate, Democrats will LOSE in the midterm elections!

When you’ve lost the Senate, Obama will never get a thing passed ever again!

And then Obama, like Carter, will go down in history as the smartest guy, the most compassionate guy, and the most incompetent, pathetic loser ever.

And the left will not get elected again in a generation.

All this because we, who WOULD BE, who SHOULD be your army, organizing and fundraising and heated up to fight the good fight, are disgusted by you. For Christ’s sake!

I plead with you:

Scrap this bill. It will not work, and if the Democrats want to win again in the next decade, you have to have health care reform that actually works – works hard, works fast.

Scrap the “public option.” Medicare IS an existing, working, well-loved single-payer system. We’ve got it! Just EXPAND it! Let anyone – ANYONE – buy in. You’ve killed 2 birds with 1 stone: funded Medicare, and created a single-payer system without reinventing the wheel.

Pass it. Get it through the Senate by reconciliation. Oh, my God, why does ANYONE give Lieberman a second’s worth of their time? He is human filth. He degrades the conversation by being a part of it. He is irrelevant! Get him the HELL out of the conversation! And the same for Ben Nelson, Mary Landrieu, Blanche Lincoln. Zero loyalty, zero guts, zero ethics, all of them. Get them OUT of the conversation – and then kick the OUT of the party. You have reconciliation as an option! We know about this. Just do it! What the hell – do you think the Republicans wouldn’t? Or what? Why the cowardice?

Pass it with a simple majority. And then – make it work. Because, if it works, the Democrats will be in power the next half-century. The Republicans are tearing themselves to pieces; take advantage of that! Get something DONE and make it work! Show some fucking guts and DO SOMETHING.

Or else, so help me God, it’ll be Jeb Bush in the White House and teabaggers in the Senate.

The Democrats will have nailed themselves into their own coffin and spat on their own grave.

And you had better not come whining to me and ask one one penny. I’ll be spitting on your grave, too.


An ordinary voter,

Davina Ramirez


Birth, Sex, Love, Death

… from a 4-year old’s perspective.

When I went to pick Echo up the other day, a teacher pulled me aside.  “Ask about this one,” she said. “It’s got a story behind it.”

The story?  “This is me, Mommy, coming out of your stomach.  You’re in the hospital and I’m getting born.”


The other night, spending the evening with Papi:

“When I want a baby, Papi, will you find someone to be the daddy?”

“I don’t think you’ll have a problem with that one, honey.”

“And will you and Mommy live in the same house with me when I’m a mommy?”

“Sure, honey, if you want us to.”

“I do.  I want you can help me take care of my baby.  You can stay with me always, until you turn into a spirit. Then I’ll let you go.”

“Wow, Echo. That’s very wise.  Do you know what that means, wise?”

“Yes.  I know all the words.  Wise … cube … Elmo.”


Doing a crazy dance pose: “C’mon everybody! Let’s get working on the movement!”

“Workig on the movement, that’s a good one! Where did you learn that one?”

“From nobody.  Just the rock-and-roll bass.”