So Long, Missoula

Ya, friends, back from Missoula MT.  Almost exactly a week there.  There was a Stenerson family mini-reunion picnic that was the main impetus for the trip, and that was a cool thing, but the absolute best thing, in Echo’s evaluation, was hang time with her cousins.  There is definitely some hero-worship of Cousin Ruby going on.

Ruby's Burden

The beautiful and cultural Hawthorne Suites

Watching BackyardigansHeavy artillery against post-breakfast spazziness: movies on the iPhone.  Or, to be more specific, 20-minute TV shows.  Seriously, though, you will be humming Backyardigans tunes to yourself for a day or two after watching one of these.

Uncle Andy

The real star of vacation — the hotel pool.

All the kids agreed, they loved, loved LOVED the hotel. Ice on demand!  Elevators and stairs! Vending machines at the ends of the halls!  And most importantly … the hotel pool.  It was a salt-water system, much easier on the eyes than chlorine.  Echo’s ability to just jump in the water increased a hundredfold on this trip: no fussing about water in the nose, water in the eyes.  Ruby and Zane are great swimmers.  The kids were in the pool a minimum of twice a day, every day.

IMG_0087We also spent a day on Flathead Lake and one on the Bitterroot River, but – maybe because we were all in the water — no pictures of those outings.

I’m preoccupied right now.  In about three hours, I will be sitting in a dentist chair — hopefully, profoundly  stoned — getting ready to have 2 wisdom teeth extracted.  One of the 2 has an extra root, of all things, and I am very much not looking forward to this.  Heavy sigh.  Wish me well …


So, so very lazy

Ahhhh summertime. AKA mental hibernation time. I’ve actually been very busy doing things that are productive. but I haven’t been too inspired to write eloquently about them. First and foremost, reading, reading, reading. There are certain books I never tire of, the comfort reads, if you will. Jane Austen — every book, every year. That’s non-negotiable (and now that I have the Compleat Works on my iPhone of all things, I might repeat more than once a year.) The Wind in the Willows, Through the Looking Glass, and I admit it! the J. K. Rowling oeuvre (see how I got through that without mentioning Harry Potter? Uhh – Oooops …). Murakami. My favorite for the last ten years, Murakami. But in the read-and-reread category, there’s only Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. I think I’ve read it – hardcover it clocks in at just over 600 pages — I’ve read that sucker at least eight times carefully, and dipped in and out many times more than that. But the queen of the re-readables is, no doubt, Dorothy Sayers.
You just can’t read Gaudy Night often enough, I say, and when I read some crackpot review that sniffs “It could be a hundred pages shorter,” my mind reels. Yes, there could be a little less paradise on earth. But why?

And speaking of Murakami —

Murakami fest!
And the funny thing is, I don’t have ANY Moomin books. But that right there’s a Moomin cup (from the Marimekko store in Seattle). Oh god. Moomins, Murakami, Marimekko – all one one shelf, metaphorically, three of my grand passions.
(Not sure what I mean by Marimekko? Does THIS unikko_1_smallring a bell?

I’ve been doing a wee bit of gardening too …  Here’s the agony and the ecstasy of lettuce-growing.

IMG_2706 IMG_2707

Finally, the flower-girl crown has still not lost its luster.

flower girl, 1 week later