Sure as There’s an X in Xmas

Have a lovely, lovely day.

We’ve had snow, fat, fat flakes; some drizzle; a clear, milky blue sky with a gorgeous apricot sunset.  The silhouettes of the trees so inky black against the glowing  sky, the crisp white of snowbanks.  Man, I could get used to snow, I could.

Here’s Echo’s letter to Santa, transcribed last night …

Dear Santa,

I gave out some cookies and milk and I got
out some carrot.  I hope you have fun
sledding.  And put in a big Christmas tree.
Goodbye and thank you again for putting
out the wonderful presents for me
and my family.

Love to Echo and Santa

Love to you, too, and my hopes for a peaceful rest of the year. Pics of the
haul manana.


Snow Day(s)

Actually, it’s melting now.

But here is a quick chronicle of the past week:

img_1390Dec. 13th.  The snow had just started, and we all expected it to last a day or two.

img_1411Dec. 16th.  The snow was sticking; it was in the 20s all day; we were making shallow snow angels.

img_0237Early in the morning of the 16th – I’m off to SoCal.  That’s another whole story in itself.  The bus stop seems to be on the surface of the moon.

img_0266The 20th. It’s been a full week of snow by now.  But more is to come …

img_0271img_02771Downtown, Dec. 22.  Almost deserted – I’d guess that 15% of the mall stores were closed. But not, mercifully, the Sanrio store!

Today the snow is piled up more than a foot deep and the temperatures have risen – snow is turning to slush, icicles are melting. I’ll miss the snow.  It hardly impacted our lifestyle, considering we walk to everything and I’m off work.  I just wish I’d made a decent snowman.

I hope your Solstice was transcendent and your Christmas eve will be magical.  I’ll post pics of tomorrow’s morning mayhem ASAP.

Finals Week

Dec. 9.

And here we are at last – Week 12, also known as Finals Week. The actual finals are now all administered, the final drafts all collected.  Now, just to grade them all and let Excel work its magic.  There are pounds and pounds of paper … but what scale can reckon the human suffering that went tinto those papers?

The end of the tunnel’s in sight, friends. Oh good Lord, I can hardly wait.

(Echo just let loose a volley of farts, which she announced as “The bullfrogs are really busy!” Just thought you should know.)