Cue the Sound of Crickets


Classes are good this term, I’m on three committees (Textbooks, Asian Studies, and “CT Bond”) and chair of one, I’m chair of our Subject Area Committee (ie, of all ESOLers districtwide) and am a hair’s-breath away from tenure. I run a sewing group with 220 members and keep my family free from scurvy and beri-beri with my nutritious home-cooked meals. I stay politically engaged (when not politically enraged) and I’m truly, truly a crap typist. I bike *home* from work (if not all the way *to* work). I make my own pickles. And I see live music on occasion.

So when sometimes I blow off my literary followers … all three of you … I can only beg for forgiveness. Would that I could promise to do better, but as all CEOs know, it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission …



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