Birth, Sex, Love, Death

… from a 4-year old’s perspective.

When I went to pick Echo up the other day, a teacher pulled me aside.  “Ask about this one,” she said. “It’s got a story behind it.”

The story?  “This is me, Mommy, coming out of your stomach.  You’re in the hospital and I’m getting born.”


The other night, spending the evening with Papi:

“When I want a baby, Papi, will you find someone to be the daddy?”

“I don’t think you’ll have a problem with that one, honey.”

“And will you and Mommy live in the same house with me when I’m a mommy?”

“Sure, honey, if you want us to.”

“I do.  I want you can help me take care of my baby.  You can stay with me always, until you turn into a spirit. Then I’ll let you go.”

“Wow, Echo. That’s very wise.  Do you know what that means, wise?”

“Yes.  I know all the words.  Wise … cube … Elmo.”


Doing a crazy dance pose: “C’mon everybody! Let’s get working on the movement!”

“Workig on the movement, that’s a good one! Where did you learn that one?”

“From nobody.  Just the rock-and-roll bass.”



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