Trashion Week

Junk to Funk happened this week, and I was THERE, baby!  So inspiring, I can almost forgive the misplaced apostrophe on their splash page. Almost.


Loved the styrofoam stage set, and Echo was into it. Iphone pics, by the way … click on any to see full-size.

These were 3 of the best. Styling on the model wearing the construction-fence dress was amazing – can you make out tht “Kiss of the Spider Woman” hairstyle? – the center model was gloriously pregnant, and the anime-inspired far right had the most decided LOOK of the evening.  And also, I thought, the most well-crafted.

Here are 3 MUCH better pics taken by my friend Marnie, who invited us to this shindig in the first place.  Thank you so much, Marnie!  We had a blast!

These were 3 more I personally love, love, loved. Far left: yup, coffee filters, used.  Gorgeous, subtle color. Center: all netting, mostly from bags o’ taters and onions, but also strawberry baskets and the occasional scrubber (lookit that hat carefully). Right side, Echo’s fave!  The “Seagull Saver.” (Which I initially misheard as “Seagull Saviour” – which I like marginally better.) You can just catch a glimpse of what looked like a seagull wing on the far side of her head.

So, thanks again, Marnie: here’s Echo’s portrait of you … because whose life ever, really, has enough Hello Kittyness?

Hello Kitty Marnie

and here’s Gecko’s first turn on the catwalk.  She really came around after her first reaction (turning to me after the model clad in the inner-tube hoodie strutted past and hissing, “You said these would be FANCY clothes!”)Echo on the catwalk


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