Project a Week, the Weasel Version (7)

Heh, heh, heh …

Sewing Circle Flier

Week of 11/08 – 11/14. Am I a weasel, oh yes I am.  Am I an overworked mama, oh that too.  And did I have a number of social engagements this week, well, roger that.

This is my latest foray into pimpin’ out my Ladies Sewing Club. (Official name: The Portland Sewing Circle.)  Which is not for ladies, necessarily, and is taking up increasing amounts of my oh-so-precious time.  But it’s fun. Unfortunately I never think to bring a camera to our meetings, but one-a these days …

This qualifies as a sewing project, ’cause it’s stitched, see?  The letters are photocopies of fabric but they’re actually stitched in place, along with the tear-offs.  It took a while but I feel it’s time well spent — best foot forward, and all like that.  I put out feelers at each place I pinned one o’ these beauties up for sponsorships.  If I can rake in a few bucks, donated space, or some swag each month, I can do a few things:

  • Stop losing money on this project (Dare to dream!)
  • Lower the price for meetings (A good thing)
  • Raffle off goodies to attendees (And lure more into showing)

So, this is one of my quixotic projects that may or may not develop into something.  Good to have backup plans, no?  It’s a fun thing in any case.


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