Project a Week – 6!

So here’s why I don’t blog often enough … WordPress crashed Firefox, predictably.  Firefox freaks out when multiple photos are uploaded to WordPress.  Wordpress on Firefox is unable to comprehend “replace highlighted text with new text.”  Combine this persnickety stuff with our slow connection, and there you have it … a crashed browser two times out of five is bad enough odds to take a lot of the pleasure out of doing this.

OK, rant over.  But SERIOUSLY WordPress … Snow Leopard is new but it’s not THAT freakin’ new.  Sort this out.  It’s been like this for the 3 months I’ve had this computer and it’s decidedly annoying.

So back to sewing stuff … For the week of 11/01 – 11/07 we have linen trousers.

Pants from Above

Burda WTF WOF 2005-07, 112B.  Magazine pic here.

Reasons to like: Wide contoured waistband; low(ish) waist; darts in the right places.
Reasons to dislike: No pockets; however, you can see I amended this oversight.

One reason it’s taken so freakin’ long to do this post was the insane notion that I could maybe, possibly, get a pic of ME actually IN the pants.  Hahahahha.  Silly me. When you leave the house in the dark and come home in the dark and immediately start cooking and bathing tots and catching up  on scrubbing toilets and oh, let’s not forget GRADING pound after pound of essays … and fall asleep at midnight with the alarm set for 5 the next morning … in this context, fashion shoots are difficult to stage.  So, perhaps my point here is, it’s an F’IN MIRACLE I get to do this at all, ever.

Also perhaps my point is, never you mind  the wrinkles.  They fit well, accommodate the junk in the trunk, have pockets and the color is good.

So am I grouchy tonight?  Well. Yeah.  But I *know* you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me.


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