Project a Week 5

well, yeah, it was done enough to be worn to a costume party on the 24th, but the tail wasn’t added until the morning of the 31, so this is the official Project for the Week of 10/25-10/31.

Kitty Costume

This was based on an illustration in a favorite book – a book I’ve spent the last 30 minutes fruitlessly searching for.  Yeah, I wanted to share with you the way I captured the essence of the blue neck bow.  The original inspiration was NOT polka-dotted, FWIW, but in the store the tyke went for dots – so dots it is.

The pattern is an ancient dinosaur pattern from Butterick.  Basically, a one-piece pajama pattern.  As always with costume patterns, it was horridly drafted — big enough around for multiple children, nasty dropped-shoulder kimono type sleeves.  I cut a size 2 around and lengthened arms and legs to match Echo’s measurements.  Oh, and I drafted the ears and sandwiched 2 layers of vinyl into each ear, making a slightly 3-D wedge, to keep them proudly upright.  Very happy with this one overall!  Most importantly, it kept Chicklet warm all through her rudely abbreviated Halloween night.

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