A Project A Week, #4

Finished up the 18th of the month —


In the picture, you can see many a thread hanging from the buttons.  That’s cause I worked on this sucker for, aaagh, maybe three weeks, and jussst squeaked by to finish it in time for the week’s deadline.  I just couldn’t get it together.  And I can’t say why – there was nothing particularly hard about this; but it IS a shirt, a traditional button-up, even though it’s jersey and has the gathered bust thingy and a one-part collar.  It still has cuff plackets and all that other stuff that makes button-up shirts a bit of a PITA.

Not much to say other than – this is an Ottobre shirt, the fabric is a super-cheap single jersey from the Mill End Store’s flatofold section, and it fits rather well:

Ottobre Woman jersey shirt

The gathers in the pic are still starched stiff.  The shirt’s been washed since then so it looks rather better. Buttons, by the way – ah, the buttons have a backstory:Buttons in pill bottle

I bought these buttons as you see them, in pill bottles, at a neighbor’s estate sale.  The name, date, prescription, etc. are all clear … 7/27/70. Who was this woman, who kept old buttons and old pill bottles?  And put the two together?  I’ll never know.  But she could really sew.


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