The Third Project-A-Week

Branched out a little here – still a BWOF, from 2/2008: a shirt, 123 to be exact.  Check out the A version in the Burda archives – and be sure to check out the B version of the same.  What’s happening with that shoulder!?!?

Anyway, I used a knit, a terrific print I bought off the ‘Bay two years ago.  I must exploit my NEW! (new to me anyway!) serger’s hemming capabilities.

WOF 2/2008 123

Soooo … that neck.  I don’t really know what to do with the neck.  I know the advice given to us short ladies: no wide necklines, no round necklines.  And this shirt breaks both rules. But it’s just a weird neck is all. I think that’s why the fashion model in BWOF is wearing it pulled down in that off-the-shoulder look (that totally distorts the shirt) : it’s just an odd neck.

WOF 2/2008 123 side view

I’m not sure how to wear this, honestly. And I wish I’d cut the waistband narrower, so that the shirt was gathered more into it.  I’m liking that lately.  But, regardless of its imperfections, it’s on schedule, it fits, and the print is fantastic.


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