The First A Project a Week!

Kind of like A Dress A Day.  Except, mostly not dresses, and definitely not every day …

Here’s my goal: to finish a project, every week.  Every week dang it!  And I’ve been doing well, and suddenly it hit me: Perfect blog fodder!  So here goes: Backtracking on A Project A Week.

There were some other super-adorable clothes for Echo that got finished just at the tail-end of summer, but this skirt was a real labor of love, and the first one that I officially made a mental note of.

Ottobre Design “Sudoku” Skirt: finished Sept. 27.

EchoSkirt1 Sudoku Skirt with Belly

OK, so she’s the most reluctant model in the history of reluctant models — what matters a lot to me about this skirt is that she loves it, wears it, brags on Mama about it.  I have not had her willingly wear one of my creations since she was 2.  And she really loves this one … aaah, I’m so happy!  And of course I too love the skirt.  It’s designed for jersey, which would make it much lighter and more swingy, but this is all quilting cotton.

At her feet you can see a different dress: the Flower Girl dress we last saw in silk taffeta, done up in a quilter’s batik she chose herself, thus bringing the grand total of Clothes I’ve Made that Echo Likes up to … 2.  But hey, it’s 2 of 2, so I’m feeling good about it.


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