Sunday, Monday, Tuesday


Sunday morning.  I have some plans: I’m going to finish up these softies (ie, embroider on faces, buttons etc.) and maintain my liquid diet.  Strange little transparent shards have been insinuating themselves into my nouth for a few days: bits of bone? root debris? Extremely wierd) and I’m still not up to chewing, but I’m feeling OK.  Pictured is one of my main calorie sources this week: the Poor Man’s Orange Julius.

Poor Man’s Orange Julius
Serves one

1/2 cup orange juice
1/2 cup milk or soymilk


Surprisingly tasty, actually.   But then … went by New Day School and did a double-take at the size, number and beauty of plums:

plum tree

Who could resist?  This year was a perfect cherry year, as you may have heard, and we really saw it in our neighborhood.  Amazing, the number of beautiful red cherries literally hanging heavy on the brances of the New Day cherry trees.  The lowest branches were stripped pretty well, but up above – oh ye gods, the cherreies in their thousands!  I cannot express the frustration as I watched them wither on the trees, unpicked. I was still teaching full-time and couldn’t get it together to come pick myself, and nobody else seemed to make it happen either, alas.  (So now the ground under those trees is mulched with beautiful cherry raisins, with stone in.  Strangely, the birds left the fruit mostly alone.)

So here’s how I spent my Monday and Tuesday:

plum transportsinkfulsome jam

Oh, man.  Not pictured: 18 pints delivered to New Day School — nice to think the kids will be eating jam I made all year!

Tuesday I made blackberry jam (berries from our backyard) as well as plum, and also branched out a little into pickles.  I planted a cucumber plant for the first time ever just for this:


So behold the beauty —


Dude.  I am so proud, it’s ridiculous.  The thing is, though, these jams are insanely DELICIOUS,  though I say it myself.  The plum jams are made with vanilla bean and I mean, damn, just … DAMN.  Unfortunately, the pickles won’t be done curing for three months.  Three months! How can I wait?!?!?

Other big news: Joel is here!  Sorry, Joel, for making it seem like jam is more important than your presence, for sincerely, it’s not.  But this is a words-n-pictures blog, and though you are quite photogenic, I don’t have a picture of you.  Or, wait … do I?

Joel the Grape King

oh my gawd, the jam, it … it’s overtaken him!  He is turning into a giant grape!  WAAAGH …

— Or maybe, just maybe, it’s the HelloKittyCam.  Post-Japanese-noodles KittyCam.  Yes, I think this one will have to be posted to the KittyCam Flickr group.

More later!


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