So Long, Missoula

Ya, friends, back from Missoula MT.  Almost exactly a week there.  There was a Stenerson family mini-reunion picnic that was the main impetus for the trip, and that was a cool thing, but the absolute best thing, in Echo’s evaluation, was hang time with her cousins.  There is definitely some hero-worship of Cousin Ruby going on.

Ruby's Burden

The beautiful and cultural Hawthorne Suites

Watching BackyardigansHeavy artillery against post-breakfast spazziness: movies on the iPhone.  Or, to be more specific, 20-minute TV shows.  Seriously, though, you will be humming Backyardigans tunes to yourself for a day or two after watching one of these.

Uncle Andy

The real star of vacation — the hotel pool.

All the kids agreed, they loved, loved LOVED the hotel. Ice on demand!  Elevators and stairs! Vending machines at the ends of the halls!  And most importantly … the hotel pool.  It was a salt-water system, much easier on the eyes than chlorine.  Echo’s ability to just jump in the water increased a hundredfold on this trip: no fussing about water in the nose, water in the eyes.  Ruby and Zane are great swimmers.  The kids were in the pool a minimum of twice a day, every day.

IMG_0087We also spent a day on Flathead Lake and one on the Bitterroot River, but – maybe because we were all in the water — no pictures of those outings.

I’m preoccupied right now.  In about three hours, I will be sitting in a dentist chair — hopefully, profoundly  stoned — getting ready to have 2 wisdom teeth extracted.  One of the 2 has an extra root, of all things, and I am very much not looking forward to this.  Heavy sigh.  Wish me well …

4 thoughts on “So Long, Missoula

  1. it was almost exactly a year ago i visited you and you had just had a bloody, summertime, dental excavation. Well wishes! May you not even remember a thing except picking up yer vicodins and getting home.

  2. Dude. The more things change, etc. … Yeah, bloody dental experiences and tomato planting, just like last year! All that’s missing is Joel. So COME ON UP, friend, we’re looking forward to your visit!

    As for the visit itself: had nitrous for the first time ever, and, DAMN. I have some vague memories of a chair … “Open” … “You have a few stitches here” … but that’s it. Got home and slept for 24 hours straight. Yesterday, feeling better, good enough to eat some yogurt … unfortunately, swallowed a bloody was of gauze along with it. OK, all right, grossout story of the day over! Moving along now …

  3. awesome! will be leaving santa cruz mountains early sunday morning. Expecting a 10-12 hour venture…..maybe arriving portland later that evening. Really looking forward to riding around portland!

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