So, so very lazy

Ahhhh summertime. AKA mental hibernation time. I’ve actually been very busy doing things that are productive. but I haven’t been too inspired to write eloquently about them. First and foremost, reading, reading, reading. There are certain books I never tire of, the comfort reads, if you will. Jane Austen — every book, every year. That’s non-negotiable (and now that I have the Compleat Works on my iPhone of all things, I might repeat more than once a year.) The Wind in the Willows, Through the Looking Glass, and I admit it! the J. K. Rowling oeuvre (see how I got through that without mentioning Harry Potter? Uhh – Oooops …). Murakami. My favorite for the last ten years, Murakami. But in the read-and-reread category, there’s only Wind-Up Bird Chronicle. I think I’ve read it – hardcover it clocks in at just over 600 pages — I’ve read that sucker at least eight times carefully, and dipped in and out many times more than that. But the queen of the re-readables is, no doubt, Dorothy Sayers.
You just can’t read Gaudy Night often enough, I say, and when I read some crackpot review that sniffs “It could be a hundred pages shorter,” my mind reels. Yes, there could be a little less paradise on earth. But why?

And speaking of Murakami —

Murakami fest!
And the funny thing is, I don’t have ANY Moomin books. But that right there’s a Moomin cup (from the Marimekko store in Seattle). Oh god. Moomins, Murakami, Marimekko – all one one shelf, metaphorically, three of my grand passions.
(Not sure what I mean by Marimekko? Does THIS unikko_1_smallring a bell?

I’ve been doing a wee bit of gardening too …  Here’s the agony and the ecstasy of lettuce-growing.

IMG_2706 IMG_2707

Finally, the flower-girl crown has still not lost its luster.

flower girl, 1 week later


One thought on “So, so very lazy

  1. Ya gotta love the Wind-Up Bird Chronicle: “You know the way the inexplicable way that Kumiko felt about Toru, and her sudden disappearance, yeah? Well that’s how I feel about you.” Yeah-bay-bee! Next time, I say skip the counseling and reach directly for that dog-eared copy of WBC. There’s something in it for everybody. Like when the they come to fix the toilet, you just hand him the part in the book about “a flow is blocked”. Or Boris the Manskinner. Or gettting “sheeped” (or is that that other book by him…?)

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