Nothing about Michael Jackson

Nope, uh-uh, a totally Michael-free zone over here. Because we have been all about the wedding of the year over here.
wedding party
Big congratulations to Madeleine and Lee, now honeymooning in Rio!
Saturday was all about being a princess. I worked overtime, of course, to finish up — my dress was cut out Thursday afternoon, put together Friday afternoon, and actually finished about 1 1/2 hours before we were due for pictures. Echo’s — well, the muslin was finished a week before the wedding, and the invisible zipper on this silken princess getup was finished a scant hour before we were due for pictures. But really, all things considered … everything came off perfectly …
freshly made dresses!
flower girl in chapmpagne silk
little wood nymph
looking down on band
cake cutting
party's over, cinderella
A really lovely wedding. Some of the most eloquent toast-makers I’ve ever heard, the most gorgeous flower arrangements *ever*, and the weather? Did they pay off the weather gods?
Run-On Sentence and Nick Jaina played; the ceremony included a little sing-along, too. Ah, so romantic.

2 thoughts on “Nothing about Michael Jackson

  1. Michael free zone?! (*gasp*) Over on this side of the world we are still daily watching the youtube video of Billie Jean (Motown version, of course) in a combination of mourning and adoration of the debut of the moonwalk. And, I’m thinking that unless Michael got fast-tracked in the bardo, his soul hasn’t reincarnated yet, which can only mean that *now* is the time that our prayers to the King of Pop will not only be heard, but perhaps even…ANSWERED!

  2. Oh the moonwalk – I was wondering, the night after the news, in how many kitchens all across the world the moonwalk was being attempted. I will say this, MJ’s death registered here something like, I dunno, a moon landing or something. We were biking along and a total stranger shouted out, “Hey, Michael Jackson died!” Everyone on every street seemed to be discussing it. Comforting (I guess) to know that that was true in the Philippines too ..

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