End Radio Silence

Awwww yeah, I’m back. Crap typing and all … I’m back to the keyboard. And what’s been so very absorbing that I couldn’t even leave a little shoutout here and there? Oh, the usual:
Road trips.
Ocean Swirls
Pagan fertility rites.
flower crown
Birthday parties,
easter cake
a wee bit of sewing,
bat cosplay,
Bat Mama
helping to build a bass.
You know, all the usual stuff. Oh, and of course, grading … lots and lots of grading. No photo for that; just imagine me ink-stained and paper-cut and much disgruntled; you’ll have the picture.

I am still tethered to work; finals week is almost here; I’ll give my last final next Tuesday and then, ladies and gentlemen then! the sweet bird of liberty will once again sing for me. And I will again be writing thrice-weekly love letters to all y’alls.

P.S. Obligatory cute Chicklet story: Echo’s first words to me this morning: “Happy holiday, Mommy.” Well, it *is* Saturday. Then, this exchange.
Me: “Do you know what I dreamed about last night?”
Chickpea: “Your friend Buddha?”
Me: [jaw slightly dropped] ” … Uh, no. But why would you say that?”
Chickpea: [with sly look and sing-song voice.] “Come on! I know it was your friend Buddha!”


2 thoughts on “End Radio Silence

  1. that is a mighty fine lookn bass if i may say, the cupcake as well! a couple of my favorite things all in one blog. If i absolutely HAD to pick from the two, i thnk that bass looks sweeter…

  2. SO much joy! Happy to see you report here. Let’s party now that school is done 😉
    Oh, and please forgive my never calling regarding Pippi, she was promptly returned. xo
    ps, please send me your email!!!

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