Sam Adams

Uhhhh … OK. Sam Adams.

Why is this news? Seriously, why is this news?

We need to reach a point where questions about who you slept with, and when, are so totally defanged that they simply don’t get to be part of the discussion. Because, it seems to me,this whole mess – and it IS a mess, an ugly one, where it looks like a mayor who I considered a reasonably honorable guy has lied, slandered, damaged reputations, smeared, incited others to lie, paid people off with jobs and paid people off with favors — it looks like all that mess was triggered by his panicking about questions whose answers have zero to do with his ability to do the job he wanted.

I don’t think Sam Adams is a pedophile. I don’t think he broke any laws. I don’t know, not for sure. Do I wish I knew, well, yeah, hell, yeah. Of COURSE I’d like to feel confident that anyone I voted for, ever, could avoid being a goddamned creep. But the sad truth is that we are fallible, weak humans, bags of mostly water that are prone to creep-like moments, even the best of us. Oh, and believe it or not, the gayest of us too,

I can live with Sam Adams’ moment of creepdom, is what I’m saying. Now I just want to see him doing his freakin’ JOB.


One thought on “Sam Adams

  1. The thing about this whole Sam Adams mess that hurts me the most–and hurts me personally!–is the shortness of people’s memories. Was it not a mere four score and twenty years ago that Sam Adams proved his character, and not only definitively, but on behalf of our entire nation?! When George Witherford Ryan burst into the Continental Congress on that dark night and took a swing at Franklin, was it not Sam Adams, that restrained the rum-soaked Ryan? If not, Sam Adams, then *who* I ask you? When a crusty old bird’s voice was heard to say, I quote, “Ryan’s got the devil in him!” was it not Portland’s own Sam Adams that nodded sagaciously and indeed popularized this aphorism, repeated by schoolchildren across the lower 48 to this day? Indeed, who was it then, who defended Franklin’s dignity and invoked the Right of Duel, standing up to Witherford Ryan’s cutting accusations of, I quote, “Franklin is a fool!”, if not, in fact, Sam “Portland’s Finest” Adams? Who was it who was the first to notice that verily *demons* were spewing from the lips of Wine-drenched Witherford? Indeed, who, then, I ask you?

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