Rapunzel, Rapunzel …

Heh, I did an iphone post this morning from the PCC shuttle as the snow swirled around me, people — yes, it’s freakishly snowing again — talking about how my photography output has tripled or something because of the iphone.  And added a number of iphone shots of friends to prove it.  And the post got lost in the ether.  Such is life.

I do have *some* of the iphone pics on this computer, though, so here goes.


Julie was here oh, weeks ago, and we spent a lovely day together – partly here, at the MK Guth exhibition, ” Ties of Protection and Safe Keeping.” I hope to be back this week to see it again.  It’s  “an interactive sculpture composed of more than a quarter mile of synthetic golden hair” and was last seen at the Whitney … some awesome custom-made jackets were on display as well.

guth-apexThis shot’s from the PAM website.

It was all very fitting as Echo’s been very into hearing my telling of the Rapunzel story quite a lot recently.  Anyway, very surreal, lovely and moving experience … though surely in a significantly smaller space than the pic above indicates.


2 thoughts on “Rapunzel, Rapunzel …

  1. Hi Kate! Yeah, it was special … The question the artist posed was “What is worth protecting?” People wrote their answers on the red flannel strips, then the artist and 3 cohorts braided the flannel into the ‘hair.’ You wandered around the tangle of braids, reading things like “The environment,” “My autistic brother Kevin,” “Women’s rights to reproductive choice,” “Illusions” – and so on. I especially loved (as a sewist) the custom-made quasi-military jackets the artist(s) had made and wore while braiding.

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