Can’t. Stop. Thinking. Politics.

Are you just sick of it all already?

Maybe you are just sick of it all and, well, I apologize. ‘Cause I’m not sick of it yet. It’s been 8 long years, baby, eight years of nothing but bad news getting worse. Eight years of torture, war, mass extinction, melting glaciers and despair. And the end of those eight years of hell is close, hope is near, change is comin’, the dark days are numbered and life will begin again … Do you feel me? You’ve got to feel me.

It’s a crazy beautiful fall day here, sky crisp and bright blue. Leaves – oh, the fall colors of the leaves! Growing up in SoCal, I never really believed those lovely Little Golden Books, the ones with daffodils and tulips for spring, flaming gold and scarlet trees in autumn, drifting snowflakes and cheery sleds for winter. We got Santa Ana winds and wildfires changing to rain that oil-slicked roads and caused massive pileups, and then what ho! It was smog-alert season again, and there goes a child’s year of seasons. Not so in P-town, baby. Here, we get the best of them all: crocuses and tulips, summer thundershowers, drifting technicolor leaves, frosty mornings and enough snow most years for at least a petite snowman. And I loves it.

Domestic day ahead for me — a 4th birthday party to attend, a costume to make, some sewing to do. And, I hope, some writing time. I’ve got some ideas percolating …


4 thoughts on “Can’t. Stop. Thinking. Politics.

  1. i really have been trying to practice my pranayama breathing and asana meditation but have been having a hard time silencing without thinking about the upcoming election and what it means for citizens like us in the United states.This anticipation is unreal and very nerve racking, I have been saying prayers to myself for Barack Obama and for people who are still ‘undecided’ to understand the real problems ahead of us.

    Partisanship aside and a bit of name calling, McCain is a curmudgeon, Palin is a fear mongering dunce. Surely these evangelical crowds, swing states can see this? As Frank once told me, there is no problem with christians having their beliefs, only as long as they don’t start killing people.

  2. Oh Davina, I am ill with anxiety tonight!!! Maybe you are in a very chill and confident space and I can absorb some of that through the universe from you? Please?

  3. Joel, Jessica, BREATHE my friends! We made it, baby! We get a honeymoon now. We sweated bullets and we’re there. Now, how long will it take to turn the Titanic around? This country won’t turn on a dime. But isn’t it delicious to feel that we can actually say our President’s name and SMILE ? — And Cidell, oh mama, I’m all a-tingle that you chipped in here! I admire your writing oh so much. Your sewing, I won’t go there, I will become green with envy and that’s not where I should be. But … I say it again .. don’t it feel GOOD?!?

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