Has It Been a Month Already??

Quick-quick like (I’m doing my early-morning grading, 22 essays to wade through before 7:30) —

  • I miss writing, I miss all y’alls!
  • I am immensely relieved about the state of our union and the way this election is headed. I am watching the dissolution of the Republican Party as we knew it, and, well, what could be more joyous than that? And what sweetens the deal even more is that the architects of its current evil incarnation (Cheney, Rove, Gingrich et al) are here, watching. In Cheney’s case, watching from a hospital bed. Mwha-ha-ha … no that is not a chuckle at Cheney’s “unspecified ailment.” As Madonna said about Sarah Palin, “Get that b!#@h out of here. But I love her soul.”
  • I am now pondering the possibility that Cheney has a soul, a theory for which there has been only negative evidence thus far.
  • I do wish Reagan were present in some state to realize that the “trickle-down” house of cards he foisted on us has come to its logical conclusion, and that his real legacy is the second Depression facing us.
  • I have this song stuck in my head:
  • I am sticking to most of my resolutions, and they’re working out surprisingly well! I may (may, might, could) start cycling partway to work. Haven’t actually made that one a resolution. Will have to invest in more technical rain gear if so …

A cute Echo story: As the final bodyslam debate was drawing to a close, I asked Echo (plopped on her pink bunny chair, eating snacks and watching along with us): “So, Echo, look at these two guys, the ones talking. Which one do you like more?”

Without a second’s pause: “Ummm, the new one.”

So, take it from the youth. Another ringing endorsement for change we can believe in.

2 thoughts on “Has It Been a Month Already??

  1. Good luck on the grading. Glad to hear from you. Thanks for posting the You tube video. I loved it. What’s with the guy in the robe?

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