The Kid’s Weekly Peace March

That’s our neighbor, Ethan, on the left in blue. He started the weekly “Kid’s Peace March” when he was 12 … he’s nearly 14 now … he’s done it every week, for what, nearly a year? More than a year? Anyway, it starts from Sunnyside School, and today, the Stenerson-Ramirez Clan followed along. Echo got a big kick out of carrying the sign, and waved happily at all those who honked.

Headline in the local paper today: “McCain-Palin Get No Traction in Oregon.” Gotta love that.

Latest political dream: The high-school-dropout who impregnated Palin’s daughter (let’s hear it for the efficacy of Abstinence Only! Why, it’s like magic, the way it makes more little babies for Jesus to love!) gave a press conference wherein he denounced the whole Palin crew and declared them all nutjobs, said that he was done being railroaded into a sham of a shotgun wedding, and unloaded a bunch of low-minded gossip about them all. Heee.

If you aren’t all Palined out, do check out Mudflats. I actually read this blog once before the Palin brouhaha. TERRIFIC insights from an Alaskan progressive, very funny, and great pics of an Alaskan anti-Palin rally, whoo!

In other news – first day of classes. Tomorrow. Prep, lesson planning, and meetings all last week, ergo my low profile. So, yeeah. Back to the salt mines! Oh, how I will miss summer. At least, I’ve reveled in every moment of it so far. And, undoubtedly, there’s that special back-to-school energy … I love that. And I love this period of vowing that “this time, this term will be so different. I will grade early. I will make copies early. I will be present for my students, and make spectacular lesson plans, and do everything, everything perfectly.”

And maybe that’s why I teach, partly: the chance, four times a year, to make all the same New Year’s Resolutions. I’m addicted to resolutions. Some of them even stick, for a while. I have a bunch this term, including … to prepare menus for the week on the weekends; to exercise at least 4 times a week; to get to bed early, every night; not to drive to work any more; to finish all my grading early … and to lose 20 pounds. Whew! Yeah, ambitious.

Oh, I guess another resolution could be to post here more often. I want to. I enjoy writing so much. But … the idea here is, after all, to enjoy it; to not let this become a source of stress itself. So, well, we shall see. I do have a long list of ideas I feel the need to pontificate on.

By the way. RIP David Foster Wallace. A moment of silence, please.

The Onion has not just one, but two articles related to Wallace which are terribly inappropriate, quite sad, and very, very funny.


4 thoughts on “The Kid’s Weekly Peace March

  1. The “Kids’ Peace March” is a really cool idea. Good luck with the school year. And I hope you do post more because I enjoy your blog. 🙂

  2. Awww Mama! Thank you so much. Isn’t the march a cool thing? Like I say, my neighbor Ethan started the whole thing at age 12 and he has led it, with a group of kids who started as little 6th- and 7th-graders and are now going into high school, week after week, for so long. He felt so powerless (what kid wouldn’t?) but he DID something about it – yeah! When we marched with him, we got lots of supportive honks and cheers, but also a few sarcastic and/or aggressive remarks. I thought, No kidding – we’re not going to force a pullout by marching! But it makes this visible sign that people CARE … It’s worth something, ya know?

  3. Oh you guys, so Portland of you to participate in that march. I remember you telling me about it long ago! Moon would come and march with you guys next time you go 😉
    Anyhow, we MIIIIISSSSSSSSS you guys! HOpe the school year is going smoothly for all of you. Many x’s and o’s

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