Dreaming Politics

We’re back, babies, and it’s good – the weather is gorgeous, my little Echo is reveling in being home, and I’m enjoying the feeling I always have when I come back home: deep appreciation of P-town. HOWEVER. There’s always something, no? And this time it’s this uneasiness, this unsettled, worried feeling underlying my days … I turned to Tom yesterday morning and said, “I just need to control this election, that’s all. I just need to know it turns out the right way. Then I’ll be able to just relax and enjoy things.” Eight years, eight years of hell! Almost over! And then these crazy polls … McCain’t is ahead?? I’m waiting for the response from Obama that I want, waiting. Frustrating!

So I dreamed the response I want.

It was a simple dream, and short. Obama is giving a speech. He describes the McCain “sex education” ad. “I signed this bill,” he says, his voice forceful, the quiet anger just barely there. “I signed this bill because I have daughters, three years old and six years old at that time. I signed this bill because sexual predators rely on the silence of little children, and because this bill would help give children a voice. Senator McCain is against that. Against that!” He’s visibly outraged. Part of McCain’s ad plays. “Explicit sexual education before reading?” says the slimy voice. “That’s what he calls protecting children,” says Obama. And then, somehow, with no transition, he’s talking about Palin. “As a community organizer,” he says, sarcastically as she used the words, “Sarah Palin tried to ban books in her local library. She failed. She tried to fire librarians who protected free speech. She failed. She tried to ban teaching science in her local high school. She failed.” There’s a montage of headlines about these fiascoes. “As a community organizer, this is what I did,” and then there’s a montage. This part is hazy, my dream is almost over. But I do remember the very ending: “John McCain said this. (Voiceover of McCain.) “That … is … a … LIE. The truth is, [bla bla, whatever it was.] Sarah Palin said this. (Voiceover of Palin.) “That … is … a … LIE. The truth is …” and so on.

The dream ended with a line from Obama’s acceptance speech. “They are making a big election about small things,” he says. “Not just small things, but small lies.”

I wake up both sleepy and exhilarated. This is what I need to see, boys and girls.

This is the second night in a row I’ve had a similar dream, and I think I’ve mentioned that after besmirching our eyeballs on the RNC both Tom and I had nightmares. This dream was different – this was Obama showing the anger that I feel, that I think a lot of people feel. The anger that he must feel, if he’s human. I swear, I really want to see this anger, I want to hear him use the words “lies” and “liars.” I am so bloody sick of Democrats playing by ‘the rules,’ the country-club rules of gentlemanly behavior, while the other side would make the WWF blush with their tactics. Gore: “Oh, you just pulled an illegal coup and stole the election, I suppose I ought to concede for the good of us all.” Kerry: “Ah, you are publishing libel and telling lies, and recruiting liars and buying them TV time, and I really ought to sue you for libel and slander and bankrupt you and ruin you and rejoice in my victory, but it wouldn’t be presidential to use the word ‘liar’ so I won’t.”

SCREW THIS, I say. When I see the ruin the Repubs have sown — the murders and maimings, the families and infrastructure destroyed, the government-sanctioned torture and rape; the ratcheting-up of global warming, the bleeding of the working class, the wholesale export of industry, the destruction of the environment — good Lord. I am ANGRY. I mean, I’m eyeball-popping infuriated when I let myself be, when I pause for a moment and see the massive force and might of a country that might have done so much good in the world being squandered instead on evil. Yeah, evil. What else could you call Abu Ghraib? The “Clear Skies” Act? Blackwater? Evil.

So I want my candidate to be angry too. He’s got the pulpit. He can call a lie a lie and remind everyone just what the h#!! this election is about: not lipstick, for god’s sake, but life, death, war, peace, jobs, stability, climate, terrorism, the rest of the world, education, economy, jobs, the bloody survival of the species (if the species is the Average American).


3 thoughts on “Dreaming Politics

  1. Amen! It’s completely sad that McCain sold his soul and is playing the game he refused to play eight years ago. I thought we were going to have a different election. God. I hate our system!

  2. i can picture your eyeballs pulsating out of your head cartoon style when sarah palin delivered her ‘difference between a hockey mom and pitbull joke’.

  3. Davina, your dream contains world-class oratory. Your feelings here express exactly how I feel. For once, we are in complete agreement, politically. Perhaps you can relax some now: Obama is back ahead again in the polls (for whatever they are worth); he’s raised $60 million so far this month; Florida is very much in play; and it looks like he will get the Latino vote handily. I’m sure you know all this better than I. At any rate: excellent sentiments you share.

    I think you will enjoy this speech by Biden (I really came around to him after seeing it):

    In other news, I finally heard from Maggie. She is hiding out in the mountains of China, keeping a very, very low profile. I was very happy to hear she was safe. Ironically, considering her notoriety, she is probably being treated with more sophistication and tolerance by the Chinese government than a similar American figure on American soil would be treated by the American government (i.e. think Guantanamo). Maybe not an entirely fair comparison, but I think you see my point….

    Glad you had a good trip back East!


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