… or the Long Island Rail Road. We’ll leave in about an hour, next stop, Chinatown. Anyone want a Canal St. knockoff bag, email me now or forever hold your peace … This morning has been all about: Saying goodbye to Zane & Ruby at the bus stop; packing; snacking; coffee quibbles (no other part of the country will ever be able to satisfy a Portlander, coffee-wise, except Seattle); and a drive out to Juliana’s place of employment. I’ll post pics later of this amazing Modernist house – ama-zing, amazing setting, amazing views, amazing Maya Lin sculptures, Gehry furniture, Noguchi lamps. I’ll post more about her boss, Edwina Von Pal (sp??) – landscape artist/architect. Lovely stuff.

My quads ache from all the swimming, which is a terrific feeling. I’m off now to pack a lunch.


One thought on “LIRR

  1. What a beautiful trip you guys are on! Just imagining the ocean makes my skin wiggle with joy. Hope to see you guys for some playdates when you get back!

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