Our last full day here in Amagansett. Where is that, you ask? Right next to the Hamptons, home to Paul McCartney, completely devoid of decent coffee – that’s Amagansett. There are all manner of celebrity types here, but Sir McCartney is the only one who remotely impresses me, especially after hearing the story of the little girl (a friend of my niece, Ruby) who went door-to-door here selling some of her possessions. Paul McCartney selected a stuffed … cat, was it?, paid the fee, and wished the child well. Now that, my friends, is class. I didn’t hear of Jerry Seinfeld buying a My Pretty Pony.

The Atlantic – oh, my god, the glorious Atlantic! I’ve been ocean swimming every single day since we got here. It is so warm, so clear, so green-glassy and quicksilvery. We caught the tail end of Tropical Storm Hannah a few days ago, which broke the incredible humidity of Friday. One day of rain and 12-foot waves, and after that, gorgeous weather. Today we visited the Montauk Lighthouse, which is all kinds of 19th-century New England charm, and wound up the day swimming in Fresh Pond.

It’s been great for the cousins to get some quality time. Zane said Echo was “cute as a little cherry!” this morning.

Well, right now my little maraschino is in a needy mood and filling my lap, so off I go. Maybe I’ll be able to come back later tonight.

One thought on “Amagansett

  1. Davina;

    Cool blog– tk just forwarded it to me– didn’t know you wrote one. Ruby loves loves loves her handmade aunt Davina doll. We all thank you.


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