I Love Sarah Palin

I do, reaaaaly people, I do.

I mean, she’s the GUARANTEE that McCain will LOSE. How can you not love that?!?

I have to agree with blogger Mrs. Betty Bowers, who said:

First off, let’s give Caribou Barbie some credit: She showed up and was rather feisty. But her demeanor made me think she was going to end her speech by saying, “I’m Tracy Flick and I’d be so honored and super-grateful to get YOUR vote for Student Government!”

Small-time, hypocritical, environment-hating, nasty-spirited … and that nasal whine, oh my! 8 years ago, I groaned that if Bush won, it would be 4 years before I could watch the news, because that voice, that hateful nasal whine, simultaneously malign and dull-witted, was unbearable. (The assumed folksy drawl was the icing on the cake of revulsion.) And that was true! I avoided all news media except for print – actually, a good decision, and I probably won’t go back. But I digress. Palin, more of the same: voice like nails on a chalkboard. Oh geez, and morals – the same. I’m assuming you all know about the latest development – she’s going into semi-hiding in Alaska, rather than, oh you know, campaigning?
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you – the nail in the coffin: Governor “Troopergate” Palin.

Quick take on her performance at the RNC: “Caribou Barbie” and Tracey Flick comparisons, spot-on. Wht especially chilled me, though, was deciphering the code she spoke. Paraphrasing freely, I remember recall these lines:

“I got into politics because I wanted to make my kids’ education better.” Translation: We need to ban books, ban sex education, and ban science in school. Public education should be used to further God’s Word.

“I’m not afriaid to use the veto when needed.” I will be an obstructionist who will prevent Congress from doing the work the public wants them to do.

“I stopped taxing gas.” Oil is free, and endless, and doesn’t hurt the environment!

“Our opponent has written two memoirs but no laws.” Self-knowledge and introspection are for pussies!

“We want to catch terrorists and deal with them. Our opponent is more concerned with (heavy contempt) reading them their rights.” (Huge applause, and that nauseating orgasmic look from Cindy McCain.) Yes! We’re gonna keep on torturing, America!

And of course, endless references to fighting … and battles, and fights, and wars, and victory, and fighting. We’re the party of kickin’ ass! Palin-Nugent 2012!

I just don’t see it working, not if there’s high voter turnout. No way, no how. I mean, the woman referenced her hubby’s package for godssake, and brought a teenage boy now known across the land as “The Ejaculator” into the spotlight. Gah.

Enough of this nonsense, though, right? the important thing is: I’m still on freakin’ vacation, in New York now. Long Island, to be precise. It’s crazy hot and humid today – and I packed no shorts! (Imagine Homer Simpson forehead slap.)

Here was our trip back home from SoCal:

Here’s Echo and Cousin Zane getting all Lord of the Flies with a fish head:

Check that back yard!  This is Amagansett, a short walk from the beautiful and WARM Atlantic.  We swam today, and it was incredible to once again feel the waves toss me up and down.  Zane and Ruby are lovely, sun-golden after their summer on the shore.  They share their home with 2 kitties, 1 dog, and 1 guinea pig, one big peaceable kingdom.  Andy (Tom’s bro) and the lovely & talented Juliana ROCK – plus they’re great hosts.  We are having a swell time so far, more pics to come.  Including softie pics – it’s all been worth it to hear the line “Hey!  Why are you squeezing my little poop!?” spoken in utter sincerity.

((I’m having a heckuvatime with my iphone and WordPress, which is why so many great photos from the last 2 weeks haven’t shown yet, but I don’t mean to complain — the iphone is my big splurge for 2008 and 2009, I love it more than words can express, and it will soon, soon be dialled IN.))


8 thoughts on “I Love Sarah Palin

  1. Very insightful. I like your take on Palin. I hate that they say the meda is “attacking” her. I think that’s called investigative reporting, you know, like all canidates have to deal with.

  2. Caribou Barbie. That was just too funny. And what was this about her referencing her hubby’s package? Please, do tell. Also I missed the one about the young man she introduced to us as and let me get this straight, “The Ejaculator”? Who could miss that one?

  3. I get so frustrated with politicians putting forward underqualified candidates like Palin. It happened when Bush nominated a woman for the Supreme Court–she was underqualified and didn’t make it. Not that it is bad for there to be a weak Republican VP nominee, but it makes it seem like the pool of potential female VP’s (or Supreme Court nominees) is so shallow that this was the best they could find. And it gives sexist conservatives more ammunition when they say that there isn’t a glass ceiling, there just aren’t qualified enough women out there. I think it really does a disservice to women for there to be such bad choices. Not that a strong VP would be good for us democrats, but, my goodness, if McCain wanted a woman there has got to be 100’s of more qualified women VP candidates out there.

  4. Exactly. Oh, gawd, she’s done just what McCain wanted: made such a splash by being such a bizzarely dreadful choice that she’s dominating the news. Laurie, I guess I should have said “the Impregnator”: the incredibly unhappy-looking, uncomfortable-looking 18-year-old who impregnated the 17-year old Bristol. (Levi is his name … is it just me or do these names have a corporate ring? Bristol Meyer, Levi Strauss …) YES, he must feel oh-so-cosy with the Abstinence Only crowd! Anne, you are exactly right. These pathetic lightweights give ammunition to the “Women just can’t cut it” crowd. And the way she said “Parents of special-needs children will now have an advocate in the White House” –? An advocate, but no money, I’m sure, no real support, no programs. The hypocrisy just makes me sick.

  5. Well, I hated that she “chose” to have her son after she found out he had down syndrome at four months pregnant. There is no choice that late. So why should any one pat her on the back? And she found out late because I know there are tests to take when you are at risk with down syndrom, and they start as soon as you know your pregnant.
    Really, how can she avocate Abstinence Only education? It worked out so well for her family.

  6. Yeah, the whole “choice” thing. Agreed, faemom, this congratulating her on “her choice” though they think she doesn’t *have* a choice is gross. There’s this creepiness underlying it. It strikes me something like this:
    – Women ought have zero freedom in their reproductive lives. They can’t be trusted to value life as God wants them to, so we must force them.
    – But right now, unfortunately, they do have choices.
    – Sarah Palin got pregnant with a child anyone would want to abort.
    – But she didn’t! She acted as though she was already restricted by law!
    – Let us rejoice for her godly decision!

    Nauseating. Especially, to me, the implication that she’s a special saint for embracing her special-needs child – as if “ungodly” women don’t do the same, willingly, lovingly, all the time!?!?
    You know, she has this child with Down’s, she’s an older mom, she’s raised other kids: I applaud all that. It’s hard to be a mom, for heaven’s sake, and it’s especially hard to raise a child with special needs. OK, yes. You know what? I applaud ALL the women doing it, and that’s a HECKOFA lot of women, worldwide – at least a billion, right? The point to me is … Women must make these decisions on their own. If Palin felt that there was no choice because of her faith, fine. I absolutely respect that. If, on the other hand, she felt pressured – she’s a public official, bla bla, she’s close to the dreaded “Partial-birth” abortion ban, everyone in her church would find out … Well. Maybe she actually felt she had no choice because of all that. But. BUT! It’s all private! We have no idea how this played out in her head, and you know what? It really doesn’t have any bearing on her readiness to become President! Yeah, yeah, it’s insight into her character. But a president needs a frick of lot more than “character.” OK, so Bush has none; that’s a given; but he also had as few other qualifications as Palin, and just look how *that’s* gone.

  7. I completely agree with you. You should see the Daily Show coverage on that when they kept asking Republicans to fill in the word for “what is it when there are two of something and you pick one it;s called a . . .?”

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