On Vacation … still

We’ve been out and about for days now.  Very busy time, but good; the weather hasn’t been too-too hot by CA standards (though we are real Portlanders now, and we think anything over 85 is insanely hot).  What have we done lately?  Let’s see …

Chilled out with Cousin Grace in front of the tv

Visited the LaBrea Tarpits and greeted our old friends, the mammoths

Ran around the installations at LACMA … both inside and out

Drank violently blue drinks with Grace and Kimi after dipping our toes into Puddingstone Lake

Also visited the Apple Store a few times too many – now there’s a boring story – spent time with Frank, Dan, Laurie & Rob (& kitties, naturally), had dinner with many siblings and nieces.   Also visited my parents.  A story both boring and tragic.  Basically, this is a very Echo-centric visit; she and Kimi are watcing Nickelodeon as we speak.  Hopefully, I’ll add a short movie in the next few minutes, but this is it for now …

OH!  and Thanks for the many corny jokes.  I’ll close the softie competition tomorrow night and get back to y’all for your choices.


One thought on “On Vacation … still

  1. Glad for our time together! Especially enjoyed this particular time together.Will miss you and Echo. And if by chance you should change your mind, I can have Beau and GiGi on the first flight out tomorrow ——— joking, but serious at the same time. Love and already miss you!

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