All Your Base Are Belong to My Army Of Clones

Take a better look at what’s up for grabs. To get one, leave a comment ONLY on the “Great Softie Giveaway” post! Jokes left randomly elsewhere will not qualify. Two jokes will get you two softies only if you have two kids.

“Stinky,”stuffed with barley, smells like cedar. “The Executive,” made of wool, weighted on bottom.

“Prince Chunky,” lightweight cotton “E. Coli,” stuffed with barley (heavy & beanbag like)

“G. Ardia,” lightweight cotton “Mr. Smoothie,” stuffed with barley

“Tweedy” my personal favorite “Pinkie,” wool tweed, lightweight stuffing

Some of these guys don’t have their embroidery done yet, but they will.

….”Violet” —————————- “Pickles”

“The Anti-Miffy” ——————— “Hazel”

“Sorry, I’m Taken” ——————- “Pixie”

“Spinderella” ———————— “Miss Margery Jane”

“Dotty” ————————–“Anglica” (yes, as in C of E)

“Angela Davis’ Kitty Cat” ———– “Aunt Mildred”

“Little Timmy”

…. and a final group shot ….

Am I insane? Well …. I have been a little obsessed. This has been so much fun. I admit to being a little softied-out at the moment, though.

See y’all in SoCal later tonight …


One thought on “All Your Base Are Belong to My Army Of Clones

  1. Riiightttt… barley! yeah, oats would be mushy after a while. I’ll show you the heated bear David has and you can knock it off! Just don’t forget your inspiration when you make it big (the purple lumpy potato with wacky antlers and yellow weener).

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