Where Is My Mind?

First off, y’all are icky.  Just as icky as me.  The phone was ringing off the hook with poo requests!  (Sort of.)  But seriamente, I’ve never received as many requests for anything I’ve made — except maybe cookies.  So, sit tight, there will be a poo giveaway sometime next week.  Also a possible book tie-in (shoutout to my girl Mama Jess!)  More info to come.

Tom, by the way, is slightly horrified by this development.  “You’ll be known as Portland’s Premiere Poop Seamstress!” he pleads.  “At least take down that video link.  You’ll make people sick!”  Sorry, honey …

Have you been watching any Olympics?  I’ve caught a few bits and pieces.  The sky does look pretty gray, hmmm?  I admit to feeling a chill down the back when the cyclists went past Tien An Men – that iconic Mao portrait, the vast expanse of the Square … I loved Beijing, loved it, and I loved China intensely the two years I was there.  I love seeing the city and I feel this odd pride that My China™ has pulled this off so well.  That opening ceremony – dang, that mass spectacle – it’s what China does so well, and I was delighted to see how beautifully it came off.

Shameful admission time: When, Friday morning, Tom read to me the story of Russia’s declaration of war on Georgia, the quotes from Putin, the thousands of women and children fleeing the cities – I was shocked, of course; my heart prickled with sadness and horror at the thought.  But (and I can’t believe I thought this, and I can’t believe I’m admitting it) I also immediately, thought “Poor China!  What crap luck!  Your special day …”

Of course, from what snippets I’ve seen on the local affiliate, war in Georgia (1,500 dead the first day of fighting … reportedly, anyway … let that sink in for a second, hmm?)  – well, all those dead people matter less than Team USA.  So sad.  Poor Georgia!  I’m always on the side of the underdog, so I’ve got  a knee-jerk sympathy for them; I’m painfully ignorant of exactly where Georgia really is/was, geopolitically.  But from analysis I’ve read, they really do sound like the little republic that was doing it right.  Take a moment, maybe, and send those poor people a good thought.


4 thoughts on “Where Is My Mind?

  1. Team USA. Well, being the commie that I am, this is just another example of why I am ashamed to be an American. Yes, I said it, and no, I’m not ashamed of my feelings. Am definitely feeling so bad for the Georgians (and don’t mean the peaches either)for this is truly the important stuff, not whether or not we pull off a gold or a silver.

  2. Yeah, isn’t it absolutely bizarre? Life and death – and oil, baby, that’s at the heart of this – get a brief mention on the news and Team USA gets a whole network.

    But all at the same time … I do love watching the Olympics, too. I love seeing how beautifully the human body can move, with what strength, grace, control. It kindof counteracts the low points – the depths, like Iraq, like this Bush admininstration, Georgia. Gawd, I’ve had enough of the depths of human depravity these last 7 years. (Of course, the Olympics I really want to see is one that puts the spotlight on every country EXCEPT China and the US. Go Team Guatemala! Go Team Mali! Go Team Norway!)

  3. Oh, gods, China… *aiya*. My dear friend Maggie has disappeared. Nobody knows where she is. This is her second imprisonment. The first time, several weeks ago, she was sitting at a cafe. Plainclothes secret police came up. They hooded her. They dragged her away. That time she spent 17 days imprisoned. She said that the experience had been life-transforming, but she was unbowed, said that she had work to continue. And now: she’s gone.

    Such terrible growing pains this culture has, this species has.

  4. Alex, what news do you have of Maggie? That is terrifying. Do you remember (I know you do) eating noodles in Beijing’s Uighur quarter with our friend “Chuck?” We saw police (or were they PLA?) chase, take down and drag away a fellow just a few feet from us. The icy feel of the monolith’s Enforcers … chilling, terrifying, causal. My thoughts are with Maggie, wherever she is … Update us when you know more, please.

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