So what was the first thing to be created in the glorious, if hot, new sewing room? Was it … blankets for the needy, or perhaps a couture ballgown? It couldn’t have been two little lost pieces of poo, could it?

If you chose C, what can I say … you know me all too well.

Yes, the guy on the left is suffering from pinkeye as well as stinkiness. Poor lil’ fella!

Today I am putting nose to grindstone and cranking out some some super-cute creatures, then moving on to two more philanthropic projects. Update to come. In other news, yesterday morning I had a root canal – stage one of it anyway – yes, that was fun; then left messages to siblings about my parent’s financial instability. Even more fun.

On a parting note, if you think those softies are stomach-churning, then whatever you do, do NOT click on the following video by Michel Gondry. Yes, that IS David Cross in the poo suit.

2 thoughts on “Scatology

  1. Are these turds worn on your head, like hats? or are they bed decor? Ok, here’s what you do! Use microwavable fabric like (i don’t know) terry and fill them with lavendar and oats. You sell them as (cordless) microwavable heating pads for lugy filled sickos. Your slogan can be “Snuggle with us when you feel like sh*t.” or “Feelin’ cr*ppy? Poo-Pals will make you happy.” I’ll take 10% for the idea.

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