Aaand here it is ladies and gents … the product of five day’s effort, $200 of Ikea shelving, and of countless trips up and down basement stairs, then attic stairs … my first completely outfitted sewing room.

At Last!

Sorting Out Quilting Cottons
Sorting Out Quilting Cottons
My Able Assistant
My Able Assistant
A Real Cutting Table
A Real Cutting Table
Wall O' Fabric
Wall O' Fabric
Machines of Grace and Power
Machines of Grace and Power

You may not be feeling the thrill, but rest assured, I am. I’m going to go start working right now! But first … travel times and dates. I have a lot of flying in my future.

August 20 – 26: In SoCal My long-awaited trip down south, baby! I want to see many friends while I’m there … I’ll fly in and out of Ontario, and I’ll probably have a rental car for the bulk of it. More detailed scheduling will follow. Definitely on the calendar: The Japanese exhibit at LACMA, the Cheech Marin collection of Chicano painters – kind of excited about that! – and the AMOCA ceramic museum. Brother Frank lives just around the corner, so we’ll have a little family reunion (and talk about the latest parental tragedies and try to figure out what to do).

Sept. 4 – 11: NYC! Two days in Manhattan and the rest on Long Island. Whee hee!  Can’t wait to bathe in the Atlantic.  (And especially can’t wait to fly out of NYC on 9/11.)

Dec. 12 – 27: Mexico ! !! Flying into Mexico City, staying there a few days, then moving south – I’m thinking to Oaxaca, then some beach town. This will be an exciting trip. Any advice about Christmas in Mexico, tips about where to stay, etc, most appreciated.

Yesterday: Dinosaurs at OMSI!  We had a terrific time.  However, I only brought the flip video camera, so no pictures — If I get my video editing shizit together, you will be able to enjoy a movie of Echo and moving, roaring, grisping and grasping animatronic dinos.  Fun, baby.


5 thoughts on “Ta-da…

  1. Yeah, I am so coming over to roll all around your fancy sewing room, then I am hiding in your luggage for ALL of your little trips. Kay?
    Also, Let’s play soon!!! Maybe this weekend?

  2. O.M.G., bff! My jealousy runneth over. Your colorful spacious workspace out shines my 4 tier fabric filled ‘mom’s forbidden’ ebay/sewing closet. But, wait! You’re known for a lot of things but not “meticulously-organized.” Do you also have a cleaning lady?… because I’d be hot pink with envy (see icon).

  3. Teehee, cleaning lady, schleeming lady. I’m both the cleaning lady AND the one-woman wrecking crew, baby. O and Maaaarce …? Do you wanna go fabric-shopping in the Fashion District when I’m down there?

  4. That room…! I can hardly recognize it! Totally transformed! Yeah, I’m green with envy, too: wish I’d had some “Machines of Grace and Power” to rattle-and-hum up there….well, I guess I did, if the $100 laptop upon which I wrote “Recovering the Dark Heart” counts….

    That cutting table reminds me of a thought I had a couple of times this week: Davina, I am so grateful for everything that I learned from you about…well, life, the universe, and everything–but, especially crafting and building shizit! The first time this week I thought this was when I was cutting out some letters for a card for Rachel, and the letters were in Sanskrit and you have lots of curves in Sanskrit, and for some reason I flashed on that fabric cutting wheel that you had, and it was, like, dang, dawg: WWDD?

    I had a bunch of WWDD’s today. I’ve been painting the house of my friend, Hutch. I was totally on my own, and there’s inside bits, outside bits, deck sealing…a bit more challenging than the dining room job last winter. But, whenever I came to a perplexing conundrum, a fiendish conundrum, you might say, I tried to recall some memory of you Davina doing the same thing. And it has seen me through the whole week! You know, like, putting brushes to sit overnight, or drop clothes, or “the right tool for the job”. Thanks, ace!

    I also thought of you too, Laurie… Wrestling with my brushes, I thought, “My gods, Laurie was probably right there the day they brought in the first paint sprayer, and she must have thrown herself down on the floor and praised the sweet baby Jesus for delivering her from this Babylon of the Brush. I say hallelujah!” That’s what I thought. Dunno if it’s true.

    And I thought of Dan, too, but all I could remember was the story (I think I heard this from Frank) about the guy who accidentally got sprayer underneath the skin of his hand, and pumped himself full of paint. After I remembered that story, I went back to my brushes lovingly, tenderly, kindly….

  5. Hmm, your mention of the Fashion District reminds me of that day you took me down there, and we got that blue cloth with the black William-Morris-kinda-squiggles, and some years later, back from China, you covered your little three-ring binder from middle school with it, and that was the notebook in which I wrote #The Light Month#. It’s also the notebook that sits on my desk at this moment, and that I used to take my notes for Bache’s #Birth of the Diamond Soul# this summer. Oh, *The Fashion*, how we love it!

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