Blog? Or Blah-g?

The dog days of summer must be upon us, because about all I want to do is drink iced tea, sew, and sleep. I keep thinking rationalizing that I am storing up the sleep I’ll need when the academic year begins, but that’s not bloody likely … Or is it?

Last night, Echo asked (very plaintively) “Where my friend Joel at?” During his visit, she had also suggested (with a devilish look) that we lock the doors, so he couldn’t leave. Tonight, she saw a generically Joel-looking guy in the parking lot of out favorite pizza-slice joint and started bouncing excitedly: “Joel! Call him!” So, Joel, you may be gone but your presence lingers.
Tom just got in from PDX Pop Now. Here’s the ad I did for this musical orgy ….

Hmmm, whatta ya think?


6 thoughts on “Blog? Or Blah-g?

  1. Bingo, thanks for putting together a great looking Tidepool Audio ad for the PDXPopNow program! Portland has such a great music scene; it was great to see some of it on display this past weekend.

  2. I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to echo before she left for school. Tell her to give me the heffalump call in about 3 months. Tell her it works for cousins too and not to do it out the door, hehe.

    couple pictures christmas 06

  3. hmmm….pictures didn’t show up, here is the last one


  4. believe it or not … we’re watching the heffalump movie RIGHT NOW!! I really wish you’d stayed through the weekend, Joel – Pop Now was a happenin’. I am really enjoying the Deerhoof, BTW, and thanks for the pix! Sheesh, what a cute kid …

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