Goodbye, Joel

Aaand he’s off … Joel, that is: off to two months in an alternate society. In his week here, Joel found an apartment nearby, got chosen as a housemate in a shared house, and was accepted into the Mount Madonna Center’s Yoga, Service and Community Program. With this smorgasbord of choices he went with – drumroll, please – Mt. Madonna! Maybe he’ll be back house-hunting in two months. Or maybe he’ll keep doing sun salutations with Baba Hari Dass. We shall see.
As for life here, why, things are churning quietly along, boring as can be. Which is utterly delightful to me. It’s been cooler here, overcast mornings that only clear in the late afternoon; I’ve dug out another patch of lawn, making the treelawn a little closer to my “Food, Not Lawns” ideal. (Sortof, because I only planted flowers there, not chard, but hey, baby steps.) We all feel good. My dental pain is finally completely gone; I gave $5.00 to the DNC today (to a canvasser, while Echo admonished “My papi say no give money dat guy.”). And Tom’s Mac is bac from the Mac clinic – new faceplate, new trackpad, new [larger] hard drive, no charge, all under warranty – so I get my computer back, all to myself. Aaah, sweet.
So, because i am finally getting relaxed enough to start thinking about preparing to plan to consider contemplating the future, let me drop a hint: softies. Softies, the book: softies, the blog. I have a pattern book from Wee Wonderfuls and will be cranking out bunnies and kitties soon (like these ones). Girl gifts seem easy enough, but boy gifts, a little harder. Would a stuffed piece of poop appeal to any boy you know?

4 thoughts on “Goodbye, Joel

  1. davina, thanks again for everything. It was such an exciting week there in Porland. As soon as I landed here in ontario, I wanted to go back. If not worked out for the Madonna center, I would be living 2 minutes away from you all. I don’t want to talk too far into the future but when the program is up, I really want to get back up there in portland and get back into school there at PCC Sylvania, family discount or not. Get a shared room in that se area, part time job and work on my associates. Also ditch my car for a bike. Also get a veggie burrito at that burrito cart on hawthorne, :0

  2. That Poop is the funniest thing ever. I personally could name at least 5 people who would have a great time with it 😉 .

  3. Jessica, SERIOUSLY?? Because I am about to make some … Also, probably using the same color wool, a stuffed ice cream sandwich. See, I got the book “Softies” and I am all inspired. Oh, I’ve got 2 Moon dresses started! Yay!

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