Happy Monday

Every Monday is a happy Monday when you’re on vacation. Actually, believe it or not, I woke up at 7:00 this morning thinking about school stuff … about the textbook committee I chaired and the 2 tasks I have yet to finish for it, about my website design, about book orders … work stuff in general, the kind of stuff I used to sweat about sixty hours a week. So different from my life right now. The moment passed.

Let’s see: a few quick Echo exchanges.

Mama: “Can you please stop touching my booty, NOW?”
Echo, regretfully: “Sorry. I can’t.”

Echo to Jessica: “I have so many babies. They all in my belly, waiting come out.”

Mama, after the third scream: “Honey, why are you screaming out the front door?”
Echo: “That my elephant call. Papi hear that, he come home.”

And my favorite: with a hug around the knees: “Mami Echo best friends EVER! Right, Mami?”

Jessica and the Moonbeam were over yesterday for a little swim party. It was pretty much Ladies’ Night Afternoon … the girls were so sweet together, Echo offering Moon her favorite satiny dress and saying, “Moon, let’s dance!” – Moon shooting me a few of those patented Mischevious-Elf Child looks that made me fall for her in the first place, what, two years ago. Baby Bro Landen, aka the Manly Lanny, was in good form – gave me some fantastic smiles and let me snuggle his chubbiness. He’s 5 months old, such a sweet baby, at such a lovely age. I am psyched to think about starting to sew an outfit for him and his sis …
I started thinking about sewing and how much I’ve done, and wanting photographic proof, I started to pile up the things I’ve made for the Gecko.

That is most of the child’s haul for the month of July (a few things are missing). Everything in the group shot is from the Ottobre mag; the dress is my own pattern, though I used an Ottobre t-shirt as the template. The little bike shorts on the right are based on an Ottobre long-johns pattern; I’ve cranked out about five pairs, and have made a few skirts that include the shorts (like the striped ones … are those too ’80s or what? Can’t you visualize Belinda Carlisle bopping around in those, chirping “We got the beat”?)

Let’s see … Made in May was a fancy dress from Ottobre:

and made earlier, ALL from the same Burda baby pattern, believe it or not:

Sigh. I love some of these outfits oh, so much. And some others that I also especially love aren’t even here … none of the Burda skirts are, nor the dress she’s sleeping in right now. Awwww…

Today, I did a chunk o’ gardening and a big chunk o’ sewing for myself. Making this pair of bermudas. Interesting, how one cannot adequately appreciate the enormosity and immense curvature of one’s own behind, until faced with the radical alterations a simple pair of shorts require. Hmmmmmmm.


One thought on “Happy Monday

  1. That is one totally wonderful wardrobe that Echo has. What a lucky girl to have such FASHION!
    We loved spending time with you guys so much. And a certain little girl made off with a certain lanyard (sp)…We will get that back to another certain little girl very soon! xo

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