Everybody Poops

But so they have to do it … in their chonies? Every … day? And quite so … explosively?

Sigh. Enough said.

Anyway, I’m editing this to add:

We have been oh-so-busy this week so far; Joel arrived Tuesday; Wednesday, an orgy of gardening, home-cooked falafel dinner, fairly mellow. We’ve been doing lots of this:

Thursday, at the zoo all day:

… you can see Joel behind the fence there. Echo’s wearing a dress I finished just that morning — one of the first efforts of mine she’s actually loved. That was a nice long day. Friday, dr’s appointment in the morning; Joel and I took the streetcar from the south waterfront downtown, browsed Powell’s and drank refreshing beverages. Back home I sewed, Joel house-hunted. Bike rides and trips to the park, pizza dinner out. Saturday, first to the Alpenrose Dairy of all places, where the annual Velodrome races are going on.

That is a particularly cool picture: you can see the slope of the track, and how people riding fast are perpendicular to it, while people riding slow are more straight up-and-down on that crazy slant. Also, see the guys holding hands in middle? This race is called a “Madison,” and partners are allowed to sling each other forward that way. Some teams were sling-shotting each other on the steeply raked curves, and it was impressive to see. I’ve never seen a race like this, and I still don’t understand the byzantine rules of it all.

After that on to a birthday party. So many of my social events these days involve birthday candles.

There was live music – a guitarist and fiddler – very sweet.

Now, off to prepare for today’s pool party, in our back yard. The Moonbeam and mama will be here for cookin’, swimmin’, and general housewreckin’.


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