Some Links I Like

Unlike most blogs on the face of the earth, I do not have a huge roll-call of links over there on the right. That’s partly because I am not spending much time fine-tuning this baby, yet, and partly because I thought maybe I’d do a little introduction of my favorites.

I can’t really claim that I visit these particular sites every. single. day., because truth be told, I don’t even turn the computer on every single day. (Or even my phone. There are just so many very busy days, y’know, when real life crowds out gadgets …) But these are on the tippy top of the “Blogs” bookmark. These are the ones that, if the computer’s on, I do check. Enjoy this little glimpse into the hectic clutter that is my mind.
First off, I’m a liar. Because this link is not one I check all that often. But you really have to go here, at least once. And if you’re a P-town homie (and you bike) you should buy the kit. Or at least a sticker.
This one, I really do go to every day. I love the idea, love the dresses, and love Erin McKean. Check her Wikipedia page to see why …
I just love this. There’s no need and no way to explain it. I confess I was a 9th-grader who cut out especially ridiculous panels and balloons from the daily comics and pasted them on my school folders, so perhaps my loving obsession with the dailies is unique to me. But, on the other hand, no! Just look … 200+ comments on every post! I am not alone!
Why is this trashy little piece of celebrity-ogling even on my roll-call? Welll, first off, the writing. The Fug Girls strike me as flatout funny more often than not. Second, the photos. I have no idea who many of these people are, but ridiculous is ridiculous, and sometimes laugh-out-loud so. Finally, there’s something about the precise tone this site strikes that has really affected me in the year-plus I’ve been reading it. The writers seem to fundamentally like women. Which is just so damn hard to find. The writing, even when scathing, seems to have as a subtext: “You are a beautiful woman, and a famous one. Your job is to amuse and entertain me. And I applaud you for that. I am not jealous of you, I do not hate you, I have no desire to speculate on your sexual behavior or history. You are working … for me; to amuse me; to look gorgeous for me. And I do appreciate it but, well, sorry hon, but you have blown it.”

Or … something like that. You see, there’s also Bai Ling. Check out her archive if you dare.

Three’s enough for now. You see how debased my tastes actually are? Embarrassing, isn’t it? I blush, truly I do. Perhaps tomorrow, I’ll reach for the stars, instead.


2 thoughts on “Some Links I Like

  1. Davina, I sent a comment after your first (I think) blog, but I don’t see that it went through. Let me know if you got it, plus I sent you a short story by regular email that I have written.

  2. Rachel!! Yes, I did! Check it out … I answered you, too! And I’m about to email you a about the story. Keep in touch — I miss you!

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