Busy, Busy World

So much for my goal of writing every other day … Plenty going on! Reading a biography of P. G. Wodehouse; watching hour after hour of Netflix gems, from the sublime (Brideshead Revisited) to the ridiculous (Bond, James Bond); and sewing, of course. Right now I’m working my way though two issues of Ottobre Designs in particular. Check them out, if you sew! (Free downloadable designs at that website if you need inducement.) They are a Finnish pattern design firm that send out six issues of their magazine a year, four of all children’s clothing and two of all women’s. I have four issues, but right now I’ve just finished a glut of Echo clothes from the Summer kid’s issue and now am in an absolute orgy of sewing from the Women’s summer issue. I have one skirt almost done, and five other things — T-shirt, shirt, three pairs of pants — traced and ready to cut out of fabric. Tomorrow, I’ll trace another skirt and maybe another T-shirt. Two things I love about their designs: one, that their women’s models are so human-looking. I love Burda World of Fashion as well, and I have a load o’ Burda designs in queue after this Ottobre madness is over, but Burda does the ridiculous-looking-model thing (freakishly tall, skeletal women, accessorized like drag queens and contorted so the clothes are illegible) while Ottobre’s clothes are worn by resolutely normal women. That actually takes some getting used to, as women of normal weight are so underrepresented pictorially; everyone looks dumpy at first! – but I love that. Also, dang, it’s Finnish! What’s not to love?

So, all you mammas out there — and Anne, Jessica, Marcie, Jenny (in order of your children’s ages!) I mean you — Seriously, look at the Ottobre site, and pick an outfit from any of the 2008 magazines! I MUST MAKE GIFTS. MUST. My skill set is finally (after three decades of casual sewing and two years of getting-serious-about-it sewing) at the point where I feel confident about gifting garments. If you don’t pick, it will be my choice. I’d rather it be something you chose.

Pictures of the Gecho in Ottobre clothes coming soon, too.

Rundown of our social scene: Tuesday: movie night, with popcorn and grown-up drinks, for Mama and Papi; I forced Tom to endure enjoy another viewing of my favorite Bond movie evah, On Her Majesty’s Service. It’s got Diana Rigg as Bond’s wife (!!), George Lazenby as the Australian Bond (!!), and no gadgets (!!) Wednesday, after special mama-daughter time at Pix patisserie, off to swim at the Sellwood pool. Zero-depth entry, perfect for the little one. Today, the zoo! We hadn’t known, but if you have a Tri-met ticket, it’s valid on the zoo train as well. Very fun. For some reason, many of the animals we saw were lively today, and all seemed to be enjoying the sun. I always feel guilty when I see gazelles and chimps hunkering down on a grey, drizzly day, so that made my day. Our zoo membership is good for about another month, so we may be doing two zoo visits a week for the month of July.

For the obligatory final, unrelated note: Check out this absolutely sublime animation (and really charming interview). John Lennon is no big hero of mine but after watching this, he’s got a place in my heart.

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