The Two-Vehicle Family

Our fine steeds. Of course, Tom’s is much grander than my Mary Poppins beast. But oh, how we love them. Perversely, of course, Echo prefers “Mommy bike” — the top-heavy, creaky, incredibly heavy three-speed Free Spirit. Once, the bike actually tipped over with her in the seat … we’d been biking downtown on a hot day, the tot had sacked out in the back, and I was feeling tired after a few hours riding. I stopped on the Esplanande to prop her up, and the bike s-l-o-w-ly started to tip … I couldn’t stop it it, and it went down with slow inevitability, to the very vocal horror of everyone around. Sheesh.

In other news – Happy Fourth, patriots! It’s rainy here. I’m charmed by that. The firecrackers started in this neck of the woods about three days ago; sleepless nights, thankyouverymuch. Who knows what tonight will be like in our little house? I’ll take the tot and the camera upstairs when the blasting begins and look towards downtown; maybe we’ll see something pretty. I do love fireworks, y’all know that; I love explosions, bright colors, and summer nights, and I love lining up along the river to watch the no-expenses-spared Portland fireworks show. This year, though, I’m concerned about how Echo will take the noise, and I’m feeling blasé in general. Plus, apparently, the show will be reduced in scale this year, like in many American cities; Our China™ is in the middle of a fireworks crisis (SFGate story here if you’re curious); what happens in a factory in Hunan matters here, even in trivial ways. The interconnectedness of the world! I try to stay mindful of the abstract “one-ness” of reality, y’know; I also want to be cognizant of the concrete economic unity of all beings, too.

I have all these things percolating in the back of my mind that I want to share: month-old pictures of STT’s and Dr. M’s wedding; political rants; pictures of the latest projects and works-in-progress. But I’ll wait a bit, maybe have a nap first, and leave you now with a short work of fiction. (I think it’s fiction.) The provenance of this story: Our kitchen; ten AM; apropós of: absolutely nothing.

Some monsters ate my batteries, my princess batteries. It was three days ago, Monday. I was a little girl. I was walking through the forest. The monsters have batteries in their little bellies and they dying. They sad little faces. Echo going be nice to monsters with batteries in they bellies.



4 thoughts on “The Two-Vehicle Family

  1. First, DANG WOMAN, what a website! Color me impressed. I will be on my way soon-ish: I have some medical issues, how’s that for pathetic. Actually, I want to figure out an itinerary tomorrow. I have a project I want to do for David, I want your feedback!

  2. Between Don and I, we have every get well drug you need. Need a darvocet? Robatussin? ..Pro..ves..tra? I got you baby. I still have stool softeners from L&D a year ago. Now, if that don’t help… Hey anything to get you down here! Thanks for your opinion on my school site. It means a lot. I’m working on a personal site and I’ll send you my URL soon. A David project… you warm my heart (or is it the provestra?).

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