Feelin’ the Moomin Love

A nice busy day: Echo to her school, some strenuous and long-overdue house-cleaning, arguments with insurance (did I mention my toothache? dude, am I falling apart like an AMC Gremlin or what?) and the finishing touches on a new tot-sized T-shirt. Upon which I realized that I must face facts, and my serger must be serviced. Thank the sweet baby Jesus (Dr. M.’s line, which I still use) the machine is still under warranty. Since I was over toward the east side of things and in a car, a rare combination, I hit FuBonn Market — the Eastside’s answer to Uwajimaya, the Japanese superstore. Now, I hear a new Uwajimaya is planned for downtown, and I for one am eagerly awaiting it, especially if it will include a Kinokuniya, but in the meantimewhiles, I am happy to visit the Chinese version. FuBonn’s produce is far less exquisite than Uwajimaya’s, but its selection of overly-packaged, overly-salted and overly-sweet snacks is about on a par … in other words, heavenly! Relatively heavenly, I mean; of course, I despise all things overly packaged, overly salted, and overly sweet. Until you put a freakin’ Moomin on it.

Straight from Moomin Valley

I love Moomins. I’m going back for the chocolate ones next.

I also got some lovely lizhi (or lychee, or litchi, call them what you will):


and the makings for a nice hot-weather dinner:

which we consumed, with fresh peanut sauce, seated on the floor and watching Winnie-the-Pooh. For the fifth time this week. Yes, I have given in to the tyranny of Disney, the tyranny of the DVD, the tyranny of licensed characters. I never imagined I’d be here, but then again, I never imagined anyone would be calling me “Mama” non-ironically. I’m still figuring this one out, actually. I need to find the place to draw the line. The tot loves characters. I mean, she responds to a Sanrio creation just like she’s meant to, just like those teams of child psychologists have been well-paid to engineer; she responds like her cerebral cortex just received a shot of pure heroin. And I can’t throw stones. Look what a well-placed Moomin does to me.

We are finishing up our evening with a bout of wading-pool swimming, most of the rest of that summery white wine from above, and some quality Youtube searches. Mr. Bingo is currently introducing the tot to the artistry of Rachel Dratch (that’s Ms. Debbie Downer to you).


3 thoughts on “Feelin’ the Moomin Love

  1. Oh Davina! I have been thinking about you guys so much lately (must be the summer time since I am thinking about friends!). It is so wonderful to be able to follow along with you guys here, and possible, in real life??!!! Let’s meet soon and let those little ladies do their thing. xo Jessica

  2. Jessica!!! I am so phoning you later today, mama. I have a ton of pictures of the little ladies to give you — including some from back in the day, when they were really wee. Pattie, we gots to talk soon, too … I’ll be visiting you in about a month, I think (so does your new place have a swimming pool??)

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