Maiden Voyage

Ah, vacation! Vacation … and the indignity of the summer cold. Above, some the lovely shades of mucus I’ve been enjoying for lo these last two weeks. According to my doctor, I probably have adult-onset asthma underlying this latest respiratory infection; thus, I am now the proud owner of an inhaler. Nasty stuff … let’s just say, it’s time to feel better.

In other news, Portland summer has finally arrived. Arrived, with a vengeance. It’s been hovering around three digits today, making me glad for our old house that’s always ten degrees colder than outside. Welome summer in any case!

Test run over. Time to go. See y’alls tomorrow!


4 thoughts on “Maiden Voyage

  1. sorry to hear about the asthma davina, aka bing, aka my aunty bing. You wouldn’t believe the thick brown smog layer blanketing the inland valley right now while the 105-110 degree temperatures just trap it and grind it in your face…..have to exit hear as well, crazy mans paradise. Glad to hear you got to the doctor and to the problem. Who would have thought that growing up around a family of smokers would have any second hand effects, ohh wait! errrrr.

  2. yes maam! i went and got me a ticket for July 15, which’d be a tuesday. Southwest flight 3253 from san jose arriving into pdx at 12;30 pm. I was also reminiscing earlier on that pizza place there on 22nd and hawthorne, hopefully still there? Might have to cry for a second if not but will soon get over it and on to the many other fine eating establishments there in pdx.

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